Our Crew + Our Mission "Fit for Change"

Our Crew , Our Mission 

At Valentine Fits, we strive to build a community & crew that is adapting and growing and being constructed off of hard work, exploration, discovery, passion & uplifting relationships from those who gravitate to the crew! 

BRANCH OUT and join the Passionate Persistent 90CREW

If you feel as though this may be your "FIT" , with the VF90CREW, a group of uplifting, motivational, encouraging & inclusive beings, then you've already found your way!

We kick off a hike or exploration journey every month, whether it be online or in person! The best part is, you DONT need to buy a fit! You only need to invest in yourself and the process of finding your fit along the way. Along with new friends, amazing environments and goodies along, you get discounts & more! 



Fit For Change

Fire Education + Outdoor Exploration

Working towards supporting remote northern communities through interactive seminars discovering and learning about forest fire education and wilderness + outdoor exploration.