The Owner & Envisioner!


So you have been graciously cruising around my lovely site filled with REAL, AUTHENTIC photos I took of the north ,
& real passionate and persistent people of the 90CREW, and you want to know about my WHY? 
WHY has this company started?
WHERE does the ambition, passion and REALNESS come from?
Is VALENTINE FITS the brand for me? 
My life awakening started in 2019, but the journey continues to this day.
I had gone through so many of life's tides & currents, & I was led to a motivational speech conference, where I then decided I was capable of a change in myself. 
Through the strenuous hard work of blinking through sweat, tears and disbelief, I became true to myself, depended on the only thing I knew was there, & still powered through no matter the circumstance.
I made the changes happen, & all it took was myself & belief.
I discovered a person inside that was capable, strong, & made a statement,
uniquely her own & vibrantly okay with this factor.. finally comfortable in her own skin, willing to promote a life lived with curiosity , but also newfound courage & acceptance of failures. 
 Fitness quickly became a passion of mine, alongside my summer job of forest firefighting, & finishing my honours bachelor degree in "Early Childhood Leadership" interviewing woman in the male dominated career of structural fire fighting.
 I realized that anything truly COULD be mine & all I had to do was WORK for it.
I was baffled & thrilled & exhilarated...
through my workouts & newfound growth in myself I knew I HAD to get
what was meant for ME.
I knew that I loved the sense of freedom, to simply be, to create, to find passion & persist & gravitate towards nature in a way that made me have a desire to feel alive. 
So then came "Valentine Fits', derived off of the ideas of my grandparents chicken farm, alongside their "Valentine Farms Bed & Breakfast" in the remote northern town of Chapleau, Ontario.
As my grandparents family-run business down on Broomhead Rd still lives on,
I wanted to give it a new branch of life through my own independent vision
of where beings navigate their own passion, persistence, & have a gravitation towards the great out doors.