The Owner & Envisioner!


So you have been wondering around my website filled with REAL + AUTHENTIC photos I took of the north & of real passionate + persistent people in the VF90CREW, & you want to know about the beginning? 

WHY did this movement start? 
WHERE does the ambition, passion and REALNESS come from?
Is VALENTINE FITS the brand for me? 


I knew that I loved the sense of freedom, to simply be, to create, to find passion & persist & gravitate towards nature in a way that made me have a desire to feel alive, be in the moment.

Driving up north each summer to fight forest fires sparked excitement through my soul as I got further away from people and further into where I loved to visit the most, the middle of nowhere.

So then came "Valentine Fits', derived from the memories of visiting my grandparents' chicken farm, (and cleaning the barn pheww) alongside their homey "Valentine Farms Bed & Breakfast", in the remote northern town of Chapleau, Ontario.

My grandparents family-run business budded ideas that sparked into continuing the desire, passion and gratification for this family generation’s story. Over 100 years of hard work, dedication, gratitude and enjoyment for the great outdoors.

I wanted to give it a new branch of life through my own perception and vision, where beings navigate their own passion, persistence, & have a gravitation towards the great outdoors.